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WCWP 10B: The Writing Course B

Intermediate Academic Argumentation

The purpose of the Warren Writing sequence is to enable undergraduate students, through intensive practice, to read and write academic arguments in preparation for their work in various academic disciplines. Warren Writing 10B is required of all Warren College students who have completed WCWP 10A.

Prerequisite: Completion of WCWP 10A with a passing letter grade. Open to Warren College students only. (Letter grade only.)

"Food Matters: Eating in the 21st Century"

Warren Writing 10B builds on the terms and principles of academic argumentation explored in Warren Writing 10A. In 10B, our exploration of academic argumentation will focus on food and ethics. Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? When you buy food, do you select what is cheapest, healthiest, or most ethically produced? Do you care if it is organic or conventionally grown? Does it matter if it was produced in your area or on the other side of the globe? Do you think about if it was picked or packaged or processed by workers who were compensated fairly? The answers to these questions are not necessarily easy or obvious, which means there are lots of fruitful ways for students like you to join the conversation. In fact, the confusion and controversy provide a real opportunity for writers. It is because there are not easy answers and obvious right ways to think about food that the topic offers legitimate—and interesting—contested terrain for you to explore. And providing ways for you to consider, analyze, and write about real issues and controversies is the real purpose of this course.

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