Warren College Academe Awards

Join Warren College as we honor individuals or groups who exemplify the UC San Diego Principles of Community.  The BEARLS, an Oscars-equivalent recognition program, honors five members of the Warren College community for excellence in the following five categories:

  • Rejecting Acts of Discrimination
  • Championing Freedom of Expression
  • Celebrating All cultures
  • Resolving Conflict Constructively
  • Promoting Individuality 

2018 BEARLS Nomination

Distinguished Winners

coming soon

2018 Nominees

coming soon

Attendance will be limited to nominees and invited guests but the entire community can participate by watching the live-streamed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Fbx99LFxY) red carpet and awards ceremony on this page. Viewing parties will be hosted across UC San Diego campus including at the Student Activities Center at Warren. Follow the Warren College Student Affairs Facebook page for viewing party prizes and other incentives.

For more information about the Warren College Academe Awards program or nominations, contact waprovost@ucsd.edu.


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