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Dine & Coffee With a Professor

Do you want to get to get to know your current professor or graduate teaching assistant (TA) outside of the classroom? Are you interested in learning more about your class or their areas of expertise? The Dine & Coffee With a Prof program encourages undergraduate students to meet with faculty members and graduate TAs in an informal setting. 


Guidelines and Participation

Undergraduate students may participate twice per quarter during the academic year. COVID Edition is not available through summer sessions.

  1. Contact your professor / graduate teaching assistant to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting on a specific day and time.

  2. Fill out the application online found here

  3. In-person meetings need to follow Return to Learn COVID-19 guidelines for students and faculty.

  4. After completion of your meeting, your professor/graduate TA must email Warren College and copy you, to confirm that you successfully met.

The COVID Edition of this series is not offering a meal incentive at this time. Once the program is returns to the in-person model, we would like to contact you and offer a token of appreciation for participating in COVID Edition. This is why it's important for the professor/TA to verify your meeting by sending an email to Warren College.  

See what people are saying

"This was a great way to meet with my Professor outside of office hours! I'm grateful he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to meet with me. I definitely recommend Coffee-with-a-Prof to any student who wants to talk to his/her professor outside of the traditional, academic setting!" - Warren College Student

"The students see the 'coffee' as a way to ask for some face time with professors - otherwise, they may feel they're taking their time unfairly - I felt like I helped [the student I met with] quite a bit in the hour or so that we met."- UC San Diego Faculty

Coffee spots on campus

The following locations on campus have outdoor seating options nearby: 
Dine and Coffee With a Prof is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and College Student Affairs Offices.