The Dine with a Prof program allows undergraduate students to dine with one of their esteemed faculty members for free!

Dine with A Prof

Warren College is out of Dine with a Prof Program vouchers for Winter Quarter 2017.  This program will be available again in Spring Quarter 2017!

You're invited to lunch with your professor, in a program sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and College Student Affairs Offices.

The program fosters informal, out-of-classroom interactions between you and your professors. It also gives you the opportunity to experience a professional dining atmosphere at the UC San Diego Faculty Club, or a more casual setting of Zanzibar @ the Loft.

How to Participate (in 5 simple steps):

  1. Check with the Warren College Student Affairs Office to ensure vouchers are avaiable.  You can call 858-534-4731 or visit Eventbrite to view remaining voucher availability.  
  2. Invite your current professor to lunch and set up a meeting date/time
  3. Register for the program online via the Warren College DWAP Eventbrite - access code for Warren students can be found in your weekly Events Email
  4. Pick up your free lunch vouchers in the Warren Student Affairs Office (EBU3B Room 1148). Be sure to bring your student ID
  5. Complete the brief follow-up survey that will be emailed to you following your lunch meeting

You may participate in DWAP once per quarter.  Each College has a limited number of vouchers per quarter.  Vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Coffee with a Prof

Choose Lunch or Coffee!

Similar to Dine-With-a-Prof, the Coffee-With-a-Prof program allows you to take a faculty member/ graduate teaching assistant out to coffee at select coffee carts on campus, twice per quarter.