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Current Section Instructors for WCWP 10A and 10B

For WCWP 100 instructors, or WCWP faculty directors, please visit the Faculty page.

Sherry Boulter

M.A. History, San Diego State University

"I have a BA and MA in history from SDSU. My research interests are modern US gender and cultural history. My MA thesis was a gender study that examined MTV in the 1980's and the foreshadowing of third wave feminism in the videos by female artists. I began working as a TA at UCSD in the Winter quarter of 2017. 2020 will be my third year at Warren. I love the material and working with students. I'm a life-long San Diego resident and am married with two adult children. I love Marvel movies, am a huge Tolkien geek and cat lady. My cat tends to show up to Zoom calls."

Nikki Cox

B.A. History, UCSD; Single-subject credential (social sciences), San Diego State University 

Gwen Fish

B.A. Spanish, San Diego State University; TEFL Certified

"Gwen has worked for Warren Writing since 2017. She also tutors for Dimensions of Culture at Marshall College. She’s a conservation biology grad student focusing on climate and environmental justice and a lover of all things interdisciplinary."

Mike Gainey

B.S. Television Radio; Warren Writing Tutor

"Mike comes to us from the entertainment industry where he worked mostly in animation. His writing experience includes animation, comedic news, game shows, live panels, television commercials, sketch comedy, trading cards and comics. Now, Mike teaches as part of the Warren Writing Program and also serves as the program's writing tutor. Of all the Warren Writing instructors, he is easily in the Top 25."

Arianna Garvin

Anthropology PhD Candidate

"Arianna Garvin received her B.A. in Anthropology and Biology from the University of Virginia in 2017 and her M.A. in Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego in 2020. She is an archaeologist in the UCSD graduate program in Anthropology. Arianna uses paleoethnobotanical approaches in Peru to explore how plant remains provide insight into ancient culinary and agrarian practices and migration histories. Arianna also enjoys teaching and writing. She has been an instructional assistant in the Warren College Writing Program since 2019."

Brie Iatarola

PhD Communication, UCSD

"Brie Iatarola earned her Ph.D. in Communication from the Department of Communication at UC San Diego and a master’s in Latin American Studies from the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies. She holds a bachelor’s in Journalism from Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University. For several years she worked in both Arizona and San Diego’s media industries. Her areas of teaching and research involve environmental communication, journalism, citizen science, and coastal politics. She has been an instructor for the Warren College Writing Program since 2018 and currently lectures for the Department of Communication and Environmental Studies Program."

Eric Johnson

M.A. History, San Diego State University

"Eric is a Navy submarine veteran. MA in History from San Diego State University. UCSD Thurgood Marshall alumnus. Animal lover, karaoke regular, and electric car enthusiast. Eric loves this work and firmly believes in the power of effective writing strategies."

Kellie Miller

Literature PhD Candidate

"Kellie has studied English Literature at Syracuse University and has earned her Master’s degree at San Diego State University. She’s been teaching literature and writing college courses for close to four years and has instructed classes at San Diego State University, Mt. San Jacinto College, Palomar College, and Southwestern College. Her current research interests include British literature, film, dystopian/utopian settings, and science fiction."

Caitlin Murphy

Neurosciences M.S. Candidate

Sarah Raskin

School of Global Policy and Strategy M.P.P. Candidate

"My research interests are in affordable housing and I am an AmeriCorps VISTA alumni"

Ryan Rosenberg

M.A. International Affairs, UCSD

"Since 2012, I have been teaching writing to students of many different ages and backgrounds across the Pacific region. I started my career at a public high school in Fukuoka, Japan, and I have gone on to work with college students at various institutions in Australia, New Zealand, San Diego, and my home state of Hawai'i; one of my top priorities in life is to always maintain a healthy surf/work balance. My academic experience has centered around linguistics, international affairs, environmental policy, and political science, but these days I am focused on creative writing and finishing my own novel."

Paula Santa Rosa

Communications PhD Candidate 

Sarah Savage

M.A. Linguistics, San Diego State University 

Sarah Stembridge

Sociology PhD Candidate

"Sarah Stembridge is pursuing a PhD in sociology at UCSD. Her scholarly and research interests include identity, food, embodiment, critical gender studies, feminist theory, and media. Her dissertation project explores assisted reproductive technologies and discourses of biogenetic parentage."

Natalie Susi

M.A. English, San Diego State University

"Natalie has more than 13 years of experience as a teacher, writer, and entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, she founded and grew Bare Organic Mixers beverage company for 8 years resulting in an acquisition in 2014. Currently, she teaches a writing course called "Climate Change Doubt" at Warren College."

Jasmine Tocki

M.A. History, San Diego State University

"Hello! I'm Jasmine, a lifetime San Diegan with an MA in History from SDSU! I am an avid surfer and wrote my thesis on women in surf culture in the 1960s and 1970s. I love teaching in Warren's Writing Program, which I've been doing for 2 years. I have a passion for writing and doing history, and have experience  teaching for ERC's writing program as well. Some of my other interests include my two cats, consuming copious amounts of coffee, reading, watching leopard sharks, road trips/hiking, and painting!"

Kelsey Wardlaw

Latin American Studies M.A. Candidate 

"Kelsey Wardlaw is from Charlotte, NC. She is a 2020 graduate from Spelman College and is now studying for her MA in Latin American Studies. Her Research focus on race, gender, and class. She later plans on pursuing a PhD in Anthropology or Ethic Studies."

Teresa Zimmerman-Liu

Sociology PhD Candidate

"Teresa Zimmerman-Liu holds a PhD in Sociology from UC San Diego. Her dissertation research focused on two Taiwanese Buddhist groups that promote green living as a faith practice. Teresa is committed to social justice and teaches classes at several universities that promote multicultural understanding, environmental justice, and social ethics. Teresa began her teaching career in 1982 as an English teacher in Taiwan. She speaks, reads, writes, and translates several languages, including Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Teresa has lived and studied abroad in Asia, Central America, and Europe. Her life goal is to make the world a better place."