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WCWP 10B: The Writing Course B

Intermediate Academic Argumentation

The purpose of the Warren Writing sequence is to enable undergraduate students, through intensive practice, to read and write academic arguments in preparation for their work in various academic disciplines. Warren Writing 10B is required of all Warren College students who have completed WCWP 10A.

Prerequisite: Completion of WCWP 10A with a passing letter grade. Open to Warren College students only. (Letter grade only.)

2018-2019 Topic: "Food Ethics"

Required Texts: Axelrod and Cooper, The Concise St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, 8th Edition
Additional readings will be assigned through TritonEd

It is common experience to hear UCSD students express frustration about campus dining options. But have you ever thought about where that food comes from? Who grows and harvests it and under what conditions? How does it travel from farm (or lab), to your table? And does everyone on campus, and in our local communities, have equal access to healthy eating options?

In this class, we will explore these and other questions. It is our goal that students develop reading, writing and critical thinking approaches that will prepare them to engage in important 21st century conversations on our campus, in our local communities, and across the globe. Our analysis will cover some of the major ethical aspects of food-related issues such as: What is food insecurity and what does it mean to be food insecure? What belief systems and social structures lead to food insecurity? What are the most ethical strategies for addressing food insecurity? Can technological, chemical or bioengineering innovations provide ethical solutions? Or do they lead to more unethical consequences that should be avoided? And what about the ways that we treat those who grow and harvest our food? What constitutes the ethical treatment of our farmworkers?

We will also turn our attention to ethical questions on campus and in our local communities. To do this, we will read the UC’s Global Food Initiative, a system-wide proposal that aims to marshal UC campus resources to address food insecurity. In reading and writing assignments, students will analyze existing ideas for addressing food-related problems in ethical ways before developing their own written proposals for expanding the Global Food Initiative at UC San Diego.

By exploring the complexities of food ethics, we aim to teach students about the important ways that written and visual texts play in shaping our understanding of complex academic and cultural conversations. In each assignment we develop, special attention will be paid to building on students’ rhetorical knowledge, including how best to write in different genres, for different purposes and audiences, using different strategies. It is our hope that students will apply what they have learned in our classes to succeed in the many other courses and contexts they will engage in throughout their academic careers.


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