Meet Your Orientation Leaders (OLs)

Orientation Leaders are current Warren College students that assist incoming first year and transfer students with their transition to Warren College and the UC San Diego campus. Incoming students will receive e-mails from their OL throughout the summer to share important Orientation information with you, they will also help to answer any questions that you have about your transition to Warren College, on and off-campus housing information, transportation, dining, and any of the other million questions that may arise.  They are current students so they know the ins and outs and where to find valuable resources.

Orientation Leaders come from all academic majors and all areas of the country, but have one thing in common: they are all excited about being Warren College students and want to pass that passion on to new students as they transition to our campus community.

  • Group 1: Emily

    Group 1: Emily

    Major:  Physics

    Minor:  Engineering Mechanics

  • Group 2:  Zahabiya

    Group 2: Zahabiya

    Major:  Economics

  • Group 3: Ryan

    Group 3: Ryan

    Major:  Human Biology

    Minor: Cognitive Science

  • Group 4:  Dorothea

    Group 4: Dorothea

    Major:  Economics

    Minor:  Accounting and Cognitive Science

  • Group 5:  Cintya

    Group 5: Cintya

    Major:  Biochemistry and Cell Biology

  • Group 6:  Eunice

    Group 6: Eunice

    Major:  Cognitive Science

  • Group 7:  Christian

    Group 7: Christian

    Major:  Aerospace Engineering

  • Group 8:  Juliet

    Group 8: Juliet

    Major:  Human Biology

  • Group 9:  Amber

    Group 9: Amber

    Major:  Public Health

  • Group 11:  Sun

    Group 11: Sun

    Major:  Environmental Systems

  • Group 12:  Jacob

    Group 12: Jacob

    Major:  Political Science

  • Group 13:  Ankitha

    Group 13: Ankitha

    Major:  Physiology and Neuroscience

  • Group 14: Amanda

    Group 14: Amanda

    Major:  Computer Science

  • Group 15:  Liana

    Group 15: Liana

    Major:  Mechanical Engineering

  • Group 16:  Gayathri

    Group 16: Gayathri

    Major:  Clinical Psychology

  • Group 17:  Evan

    Group 17: Evan

    Major:  Aerospace Engineering

  • Group 18:  Eliana

    Group 18: Eliana

    Major:  Mathematics-Computer Science

    Minor:  Business

  • Group 19:  Emily

    Group 19: Emily

    Major:  Biochemistry and Cell Biology

  • Group 20: Alex

    Group 20: Alex

    Major:  Physiology and Neuroscience

  • Group 21:  Katherine

    Group 21: Katherine

    Major:  Economics

    Minor:  Business

  • Group 22:  Tram

    Group 22: Tram

    Major:  Human Biology