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Register a Warren Organization

All Earl Warren College student organizations must register annually to update information, every FALL QUARTER by the third week in order to be considered a registered student organization for the calendar year. New student organizations may complete a registration packet at any time in the year.

How to Register a Warren College Organization

To register use these steps:
  1. Complete the online registration form*
  2. Have your advisor complete the advisor acknowledgement form (PDF)
  3. Update and submit your constitution
  4. Submit required materials (Items 1-3 above) to the program assistant in the Dean of Student Affairs Office (EBU3B), Room 1148 or email to wardean@ucsd.edu.
  5. All organizations must update contact information when any changes occur.

*Principle members (PM) must submit a confirmation form (PDF) acknowledging acceptance of the responsibilities that go along with becoming and organization PM.  Each PM will be required to return this form with an original signature to the program assistant in the Dean of Student Affairs Office (EBU3B), Room 1148, before registration is complete.

If you are registering a NEW Warren College Organization:

In addition to the above requirements, complete the Tell Us About Your Organization (PDF) questionnaire to help us understand your organization. Your answers will factor into the registration process.

  1. What are the specific reasons/needs for establishing a new Warren Organization?
  2. Will the new organization fulfill the needs of the Warren Community that are not currently addressed? If so, what needs will be met?
  3. How will the organization benefit the Warren Community?
  4. What types of programming and activities will the new organization provide?
  5. For what reasons did you choose your advisor?

A minimum of 50% of the Principal Members must meet with the Coordinator of Student Activities to go over rules and regulations following approval of the new organization.

Approval Process

The registration packet will be reviewed by the Commissioner of Student Organizations, who will check for proper completion and will issue a recommendation for approval of the organization to WCSC. WCSC shall issue a recommendation to the Warren College Dean of Student Affairs for the approval of all new Warren College organizations. The Dean of Student Affairs will make the final determination on approval of organizations.

Post approval, one representative of the organization must attend scheduled Warren College Organization Standing Committee (WCOSC) Meeting in order to receive funding under the WCSC Bylaws.

Principle Members

  1. Principle members (PM) must submit a confirmation form (PDF) acknowledging acceptance of the responsibilities that go along with becoming and organization PM.  Each PM will be required to return this form with an original signature to the program assistant in the Dean of Student Affairs Office (EBU3B), Room 1148, before registration is complete.
  2. Earl Warren College requires a minimum of three (3) full-time registered UC San Diego students, two of whom must hold the positions of President and Financial Officer within the organization. At all times the President and Financial Officer must be held by Warren students.
  3. Principal members assume full responsibility for the financial status, actions, and programs of the student organization.
  4. Only registered principal members are authorized to officially conduct business with the University, e.g., calendar events, reserve facilities, access budget numbers, and spend student organization funds.
  5. Student organizations may not be used as a conduit for personal financial gain or for the establishment of personal business.

Students must update organization registration each time any of the principal members, their addresses or phone numbers change, and keep a current permanent/summer mailing address on file with the Dean of Student Affairs Office.


All Warren College organizations are required one non-student, UCSD staff or faculty member as an official advisor.

  1. Advisors must agree to and sign the student organization advisor acknowledgement (PDF) form.
  2. Advisors are strongly encouraged to attend at least one of the Warren College Organization Standing Committee (WCOSC) Meetings held each quarter.
  3. Advisors are required to work with student organizations to ensure that they are following proper University procedures.


When completing the annual Student Organization Registration process, all student organizations must submit an updated copy of their organization constitution. The best constitutions are those that are clear, concise, easily implemented, and include guidelines for all of the group’s essential components.

As a general guide, a constitution must contain items listed in 1-6 below:

  1. Name of the organization: A registered student organization shall not use the name of the University of California or abbreviations thereof as part of its name except in accordance with the campus regulations. The geographical designation “at UC San Diego” may be used by any student organization as part of its name without obtaining special approval.
  2. Statement of purpose: This section must include language confirming that the organization is not-for-profit.  What is the purpose of the organization?  Will the organization seek to promote a specific topic or issue?
  3. Requirements for membership: include dues/fees, if applicable.
  4. Information about organization meetings
  5. Qualifications for holding office & methods of selecting and replacing officers: How many officers are there?  What are their titles and duties?  Will the officers constitute an executive committee?  Description of any standing committees might be included here.  How are officers elected?  When are they elected (month), and for what period?  Who is eligible for office?  When do officers assume their positions? How may officers be replaced or removed?
  6. Advisor: How is the advisor selected? What are the duties of an advisor? How long will they serve as an advisor?
  7. Additional components:
  • Financial Matters - How will the organization finance its activities? Will the organization submit a budget to Warren College Student Council?
  • Affiliation with other organizations - local, state, national, international?

For additional guidance, view this sample constitution (PDF).

All organizations must update contact information with the Warren College Dean of Student Affairs office when any changes occur.  For more information regarding the approval of Warren College student organizations visit the Warren College Student Council bylaws, title IX.

For a list of current Warren College registered organizations and groups visit out student organizations website.


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