University Requirements

The University requirements must be completed by all UC San Diego students in addition to general-education requirements.

Required Courses

UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR)

The University of California requires all undergraduate students (including international students) to demonstrate a minimum proficiency in English composition within three quarters of entering the University.

Refer to the UC San Diego General Catalog for guidelines.

American History and Institutions (AHI)

Knowledge of American history and of the principles of American institutions under the federal and state constitutions is required of all candidates for a bachelor's degree.

Refer to the UC San Diego General Catalog for guidelines and the approved course list.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

A knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion is required of all candidates for a bachelor's degree. This requirement shall be satisfied by passing, with a grade not lower than a C- or P, a four-unit course expressly approved by the Committee on Educational Policy for that purpose. A list of approved courses is provided in the UC San Diego Catalog.

  • This requirement may be satisfied by presenting proof of having passed a one-quarter, four-unit transfer course, or its equivalent, at a recognized institution of higher education, community colleges included, that has been articulated to one of the courses approved by the Committee on Educational Policy.
  • This course may overlap with the major, minor, or general education requirements. 

See the Academic Affairs website for a list of approved courses.

View this list to find DEI courses that are offered during Fall 2019.  Note that these course offerings are subject to change.


Requires twelve or more 4.0-unit, upper-division courses in addition to lower-division prerequisites for the major.

See the major department for details.

Additional Requirements

Senior Residency

Thirty-five (35) of a student's last forty-five (45) units must be taken at UC San Diego.

Pass/Not Pass

No more than one-fourth (25%) of an undergraduate student's units completed at UC San Diego may be graded Pass/Not Pass.

A Pass requires a grade of C- or higher.

GPA is not affected by a Pass/Not Pass grade, but a students do receive units and course credit.

Most majors and minors require a letter grade in all course work.

Minimum Progress

To comply with the University Minimum Progress regulation, students must complete 36 units during each academic year (Fall - Summer).

If a student is on leave or approved for part-time status in any quarter, they will be exempt for the entire period.

Minimum Units for Graduation

180 units is required for a B.A. and B.S. degree. A minimum of 60 units must be taken at the upper-division level.

Maximum Unit Limitation

Students are limited to 200 units for B.A. and B.S. in Arts and Sciences, 230 units for B.S. in Engineering, and 240 units for double majors.

Grade-Point Average

A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to graduate. Some majors have an additional minimum GPA requirement for the major.

See the major department for details.