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We Are First-Generation at Warren College

If you are among the first generation in your family to attend College, that is something to be proud of and we are excited to have you as a member of the Warren community! At Warren, there are many people ready to assist in making your undergraduate experience successful. 

When you walk through Warren College, you will see many staff with signs on their doors or wearing apparel that indicates that we are first gen college grads and supporters.  We know the effort it takes to navigate university life first hand and are here to support you. 


Join the Community!  Join the Conversation!

We invite you to connect with us as we Return to Learn!  Be sure to check your UC San Diego email for our first gen newsletter - the source where you can easily find support, a chance to connect to other students, and resources.  


First Lady Michelle Obama: "I'm First"


Who is Considered First-Generation at UC San Diego

UC San Diego defines first-generation college students as students with neither parent having a four-year college degree. Typically the first gen distinction is determined by the UC Admissions process, but here at Warren we invite anyone who may identify with any aspect of being a first generation college students to participate and attend our community events!


First-Generation Warren Staff

Name Title UC San Diego Email
Adriana Campuzano* Program Assistant at Warren Residential Life
Amado Berios Senior Academic Advisor
Belinda Herrera* Program Assistant at Warren Residential Life
James Chapshaw Smith Dean of Student Affairs
John Cavoulas Academic Advisor
Marisa Abrajano Provost
Mark Young Lecturer / Warren College Writing Program
Michelle Mkhlian* Program Assistant
Nashaya Ross Academic Advisor
Norma Pacheco Academic Advisor
Saniesa Thomas* Student Care and Accountability Specialist
Xally Alvarez* Assistant Academic Advisor
David Nuñez  Program Assistant
Lilia Salas* Academic Advisor
Tracy Cruz Assistant Dean of Academic Advising
* Denotes member of the Warren First Gen Committee.  Feel free to reach out for more information about the Warren First Gen Programs.


UC San Diego has several campus-wide resources for first-generation students that we encourage you to take a look at:

Academic Resources:

The University of California system also has information and resources available.