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Frequently Asked Questions

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Enrollment Information


Students can register on WebReg for Warren Writing 10A, 10B or 100 classes during their WebReg appointments. Register online via WebReg

To enroll in WCWP 10A, students will first need to fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) requirement. There are a number of ways to fulfill the ELWR as articulated on the Analytical Writing Program website.

Freshmen can take a community college course prior to entering UCSD in order to fulfill the ELWR requirement, but they cannot use community college courses in place of either Warren Writing course.

We do not accept unofficial or self-reported grades or test scores to waive the ELWR restriction. Students MUST wait until their record officially updates before they will be allowed to register for 10A. 

Because our courses are impacted, we recommend you register during your first pass and you take both 10A and 10B as soon as you are able to prevent delay in your time to degree.

If you are dropped from a WCWP course due to issues with tuition payments, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will be reinstated to the course. 

Wait-List Information:

UCSD has an automated wait-list procedure. Being on a wait-list means that if and when a space becomes available, the enrollment system will automatically enroll you in the course. When a space is available, you will be moved from the wait-list into the class and be sent an e-mail notification. If you add your name to a wait-list but you are not eligible to enroll in the course (because you, for example, lack a prerequisite) and a space becomes available, you will be dropped from the wait-list.

If you are on a wait-list for one of the sections of WCWP 10A or 10B, you must attend all sessions and complete all assignments in order to be added to the class. Please contact your instructor or the Warren Writing main office if you have any questions.

Please be aware that if you are on the waitlist for a summer session course, and then enroll in the same course for fall quarter, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist for the summer course. We do not have the ability to reinstate you to your previous position on a waitlist.

Enrollment Restriction:

Warren Writing 10A, 10B, and 100 are for Warren College students only. Other college and university students, including doctoral, Extension, and visiting students, may not take these courses. For additional writing instruction for non-Warren students, please check out courses offered by the Analytical Writing Program.

Transfer Students

Warren Writing Requirements for Transfer Students

All Warren College students who have been admitted to UCSD as first-year students, regardless of prior coursework completed at other colleges, are required to take Warren Writing 10A and Warren Writing 10B to fulfill their general education writing requirements.

Warren students admitted as Transfers who have completed TAG, IGETC, or a reciprocity agreement from a four-year institution are required to take only Warren Writing 100.

Students who are admitted to UCSD as Transfers from other colleges without having completed a TAG or IGETC agreement may have to take both Warren Writing 10A and Warren Writing 100 if no other English or Writing courses have been completed at previous institutions. Please contact Academic Advising to determine whether you need to complete both courses, or just 100.

Summer Session

It is our goal to offer at least 5 sections of both WCWP 10B and WCWP 100 every summer, split between the two sessions. Occasionally we may offer 1-2 sections of WCWP 10A open to continuing students only. It is highly unlikely that we will offer more than 6 sections of any given class over the course of the whole summer, regardless of student demand.

Our writing courses are challenging and demanding even in a normal academic quarter. During summer session, they require even more commitment and effort. In order to fulfill the learning objectives of the course, the same amount of work will be expected of students, but in half the time due to the five-week summer session. It is strongly encouraged that students do not take more than one other course in the same summer session that they enroll in a WCWP course. 

Enrollment limits for summer session are determined with instructor workload in mind. It is up to the discretion of individual instructors whether they would like to increase their enrollment limit to admit additional students. Because instructors are compensated at a flat rate, they will never be forced to admit additional students to their class. We therefore cannot guarantee a seat, or make any kind of special accommodations, for students who cannot gain admittance to a summer offering of WCWP, regardless of need. Please plan accordingly.