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Warren Writing Program Staff

  • Dr. Jeff Gagnon

    Dr. Jeff Gagnon

    Program Director
    EBU3B 1122, 858-534-1700

    Dr. Jeff Gagnon holds a doctorate in literature from UC San Diego and a Master of Education from Harvard University. Most recently he was the assistant director of the Dimensions of Culture First-Year Writing Program at UCSD, where he taught interdisciplinary writing and research courses on topics such as justice, popular culture, and the histories of social movements in U.S. culture. In his teaching career he has taught nearly every grade from 7th to the college-level, and feels most at home in college classes focused on reading, writing and critical thinking. His research interests include first-year writing pedagogy, ethics in STEM education, public writing, civic-minded education and sports and social justice movements. Originally from Massachusetts, he is an avid follower of Boston sports teams, especially the Red Sox.

  • Dr. Haleema Welji

    Dr. Haleema Welji

    Associate Director
    EBU3B 1110

    Dr. Haleema Welji earned her doctorate in anthropology from UC San Diego, and holds a bachelor’s degree in comparative human development from the University of Chicago and a Master of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to returning to UCSD, she taught cultural and linguistic anthropology courses in the Duke Thompson Writing Program. She received the 2020 Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing from Trinity College of Arts & Science at Duke University. Her current research focuses on social justice activism amongst young Muslim-Americans, for which she was invited into the Social Science Research Council’s Religion and the Public Sphere Summer Institute. Dr. Welji also conducts research on writing pedagogy related to themes of social justice including teaching about Islamophobia.

  • Amelia Campbell

    Amelia Campbell

    Program Coordinator 
    EBU3B 1108, 858-534-3068

    Amelia Campbell earned a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary humanities and Spanish from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in Latin American studies from UC San Diego. While working on her master's thesis, “Puberty and Possibility: Comics, Quinceañeras, and Quince as Visionary Fiction,” Amelia worked as a teaching assistant for Revelle College’s Humanities Writing Program and as a production assistant for the Transandean Lithium Project. 

Warren Writing 100 Faculty

  • Keith McCleary

    Keith McCleary

    EBU3B 1114, 858-534-1704

    Keith McCleary holds an M.F.A. in Writing from UC San Diego, and a B.F.A. in Film & Television from New York University. He has taught at UCSD since 2011 in Warren College, Sixth College, and the International Triton Transition Program. Keith's research deals with pedagogy, writing, and multimedia, and he is an author and/or contributing editor for a variety of comic books, graphic novels, journals, and anthologies. 

  • Niall Twohig

    Niall Twohig

    EBU3B 1107, 858-534-4352

    Niall Twohig has an M.A. in English from Boston College and a Ph.D. in Literature from UC San Diego. He is a yoga instructor and published poet whose first book of poetry, Cosmic Dustbowl, is published through Charybdis Press. He writes and teaches to bring a lineage of systemic critique and ethical praxis to his students.

  • Mark Young

    Mark Young

    EBU3B 1112, 858-534-4351

    Mark Young earned his Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Riverside, with emphases in twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature and media. As a writer and researcher, his interests include the roles of music, nostalgia, and the fantastic in the processes of artistic creation and public remembering. As a teacher, he has worked at all levels of California’s higher education system and shares a particular interest in how mentorship drives academic innovation and the success of first-generation college students.

Warren Writing 10A & 10B Faculty

  • Sherry Boulter

    Sherry Boulter


    Sherry Boulter holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from San Diego State University. Her master’s thesis was interdisciplinary and focused on Music Television (MTV), feminism, music, and popular culture in the 1980s. She has guest lectured on her master’s thesis at SDSU, Alliant University, and UC San Diego. She is a former adjunct history lecturer at Cuyamaca Community College and has been teaching writing at UCSD since 2017. Sherry’s teaching focuses on empowering the student to find their writing voice, become better communicators, and to understand ideologies that permeate society and shape the past and present.

  • Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson


    Eric has a master’s degree in history from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in history from Thurgood Marshall College at UC San Diego. Eric started out at the community college level and transferred to UCSD as a non-traditional student. His thesis research investigated media and cultural portrayals of marginalized groups during the California Gold Rush using a poststructural theoretical lens. Eric often finds himself in the company of reading athletes and bookish types outside of the teaching realm. His favorite independent bookstore in San Diego is Libélula Books and Co. Eric loves cats, dogs, rain, and coffee.

  • Anthony Lince

    Anthony Lince


    Anthony Lince’s current work as an educator and scholar focuses on equitable assessment practices in higher education. In his writing courses, Anthony utilizes labor-based grading, a method of assessment that aims to create a positive, less-anxious, equitable, and antiracist learning environment. His writing has been published in journals such as California English and WPA Writing Program Administration. He also has a forthcoming chapter to be released in Effective Alternative Assessment Practices in Higher Education.

  • Julie Moon

    Julie Moon


    Julie Moon holds a Master of Fine Arts in nonfiction writing and literary translation from Columbia University, where she was a teaching fellow in the Department of English. Originally from Seoul, she is an award-winning writer and translator. Her research interests include modern Korean history and decolonial feminism, and she teaches for student empowerment and social change. She loves swimming and reading poetry.

  • Caitlin Murphy

    Graduate Student

    Caitlin Murphy received a bachelor’s degree in human biology from UC San Diego in 2020. They are currently a graduate student in the Department of Neuroscience, where they study the effects of potential drug therapies for Parkinson's Disease. Caitlin worked as a tutor at UCSD's Writing Hub for two years, during which time she developed her interest in science communication.

  • Tricia Ornelas

    Tricia Ornelas


    Tricia Ornelas earned a master's degree in English literature from Northern Arizona University and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. With her thesis and master’s emphasis on African American women’s literature, other areas of literature interest are the genre of magical realism, Hispanic literature, The Zora Canon, and anything ever written by Toni Morrison or Haruki Murakami. She is a San Diego native and with over fifteen years' experience, she has taught on several campuses throughout the city. She reaches for progressive andragogy to engage student experience and question antiquated hierarchical foundations of higher education. She enjoys live music, writing poetry, and building community. 


  • Karina Ortiz Villa

    Graduate Student

    Karina Ortiz Villa is a current doctoral candidate in the Department of Philosophy at UC San Diego. She holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Cal Poly Pomona. She specializes in the intersection of epistemology and philosophy of law, especially where these interact with Latin American and Latinx philosophy. Her current research is on artificial intelligence in immigration enforcement and legal proof. When she is not doing philosophy, she is playing with her dog, hiking, or biking. She is also a proud immigrant from Chile and a former DACA student.

  • Sarah Raskin

    Graduate Student

    Sarah Raskin earned a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Policy at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, with a specialization in inequality and social policy. She specializes in affordable housing and homelessness prevention, and currently works with the County of San Diego's Land Use and Environment Group and LeSar Development Consultants.

  • Paula Santa Rosa

    Paula Santa Rosa

    Graduate Student

    Paula Santa Rosa is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication at UC San Diego and holds a master’s degree in media, culture, and communication from New York University. Her dissertation research focuses on media democratization social movements, community media, and state making in Bolivia.

  • Sarah Savage

    Sarah Savage


    Sarah Savage earned a master’s degree in linguistics and an Advanced TESL/TEFL certificate from San Diego State University, where she was awarded the Master's Research Scholarship for her work on language and embodiment in reported speech. Sarah’s past work focused on language use and the interaction of various semiotic recourses employed by interlocutors. She has taught at almost all levels from first grade up through college and adult learners. At Earl Warren College, she aims to create a dynamic learning environment where her students feel empowered to critically analyze texts and ideologies to fuel their own writing.

  • Natalie Susi

    Natalie Susi


    Natalie Susi received a bachelor’s degree in English education from the University of Delaware and a master’s degree in English literature from San Diego State University. She has been teaching at UC San Diego for 6 years. She also has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She founded and grew a beverage company called Bare Organic Mixers, and sold the company in 2014. Currently, outside of teaching at Warren Writing, Natalie provides conscious communication coaching to executives, entrepreneurs, and global business leaders.

  • Jasmine Tocki


    Jasmine Tocki holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in history from San Diego State University, and taught for their Department of History during her time as a student. She has been teaching at UC San Diego since 2017: for Warren College, Eleanor Roosevelt College, and the First Year Experience Program. Her teaching and research interests include exploring histories and ideologies of surf culture and analysis of popular culture--especially gender in science fiction and fantasy books, TV, and film. In her spare time, she reads, watches sharks, and spends time with her cats.

  • Kelsey Wardlaw

    Kelsey Wardlaw

    Graduate Student

    Kelsey is a third-year masters student in the Latin American Studies program at UC San Diego. Her research focuses on Afro-Cuban cinema and representations of Blackness through film and media.