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The Warren College Writing Program

Academic Argumentation

The overarching objective of the Warren College Writing Program is to make you a confident contributor to the academic conversation.  Our courses are designed to encourage the intellectual habits and practices that will give you a solid foundation for success in the university and beyond.   

To achieve these aims, Warren Writing aligns itself with Chancellor Khosla’s commitment to providing UCSD students a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented education.  In our student-centered classrooms, we focus on you.  We meet you where you are, valuing the experience and the knowledge you bring with you to the university.  We move you forward by giving you careful, individualized feedback, so that you can produce your very best work.  We engage you in a curriculum that will offer you multiple opportunities to direct your writing education.  We keep our classes small so that you can shape the class discussion.  We devote class time to talking about your writing, giving your work the same kind of intellectual consideration that we give to the essays written by experts.  We teach you how to participate in peer-to-peer instruction, so that you can engage in rich conversations about writing with your peers. 

We also believe that our courses provide an excellent foundation for your research education.  We’ve designed our courses so that they will immerse you in the practice of inquiry—a practice that is foundational to the work you’ll do in any field you choose, including the sciences.  We teach you how to ask and refine good questions, how to work with evidence, how to put forward and refine a hypothesis or claim, and finally, how to communicate that claim persuasively to an academic audience.  All of these skills will be foundational to the research you do at the university and beyond. 

Finally, while we don’t provide opportunities for service within our writing courses, we do provide you with the skills you’ll need to meet the challenges of service.  We’ll develop your ability to communicate, both in speech and writing. Through the considerable peer work that we do in class, we’ll give you practice in productive collaboration—a skill very much valued not only in service, but in the professional world as well.  And finally, through the articles we’ll be reading and the topics we’ll be discussing, we’ll be taking up the world’s problems, with the aim of figuring out the best, most productive, most ethical way to move forward.

In all of the ways mentioned here, Warren Writing seeks to be central to the mission of the university, and to your education.  By teaching you how to ask questions, to pursue answers, to communicate clearly and persuasively, and to work productively with your peers, we aim to create the intellectual foundation upon which you can build your academic and professional lives.

Summer Session 2021

As of right now, our offering for 2021 summer session is:

SS1 (6/28-7/31)

WCWP 10B -- MTWTh -- 9:30-10:50 -- Jim Short
WCWP 10B -- MTWTh -- 11:00-12:20 -- Brie Iatarola

WCWP 100 -- TuTh -- 11:00-1:50 -- Mark Young
WCWP 100 -- TuTh -- 2:00-4:50 -- Niall Twohig

SS1 (8/2-9/4)

WCWP 10B -- MTWTh -- 12:30-1:50 -- Jim Short

WCWP 100 -- MTWTh -- 12:30-1:50 -- Keith McCleary
WCWP 100 -- TuTh -- 8:00-10:50 -- Jeff Gagnon (same topic as WCWP 10B)
WCWP 100 -- TuTh -- 11:00-1:50 -- Mark Young

SS3 (6/28-9/4)

WCWP 10A -- MTWTh -- 9:30-10:50 -- Eric Johnson
*10A in summer is open to CONTINUING students only. AWP students must wait for their Spring 2021 grade to post before they will be eligible to enroll. 

WCWP 10B -- MTWTh -- 9:30-10:50 -- Jasmine Tocki
WCWP 10B -- MTWTh -- 11:00-12:20 -- Jasmine Tocki

All course themes will be the same as they were for the 2020-21 academic year. Please see the course descriptions for WCWP 10A, WCWP 10B, and WCWP 100


Important Summer Information

The Academic Senate's special exception on allowing courses that require a letter grade to be taken P/NP expires at the end of spring quarter. As of now, we do not have approval from the Senate to continue offering our WCWP courses P/NP during summer. We are requesting an extension of the exception, but it has not yet been approved. This page will be updated once we know the outcome of our request. 

ALL WCWP summer courses meet synchronously. ALL courses have alternate attendance assignments available to accommodate students who cannot attend the synchronous discussions. While we provide this option to allow flexibility to students who have limited technological access, live in other timezones, and/or become ill or must care for an ill family member, we highly recommend students attend live section meetings whenever they are able in order to get the most out of the course. This is especially true for the expedited summer session which can often prove rigorous and demanding. 

We DO NOT increase seat limits on our classes. Seats are first come, first served. If you desperately need one of our courses in order to graduate or stay on track with your time to degree, we recommend prioritizing enrollment in WCWP as seats can fill quickly. We are unable to make accommodations for students who are unable to secure a seat in the course. 

Please note that students cannot waitlist a summer session course and enroll in the same course for Fall 2021. Students may only be enrolled/waitlisted for one iteration of a course at a time, regardless of quarter. 

Winter and Spring 2021


All WCWP courses will be FULLY REMOTE for winter quarter. Students do not have to be living in San Diego to enroll. 

Classes do meet synchronously via Zoom, however, so it is highly recommended students enroll in a section they are available to attend. Alternative attendance resources and assignments are available for students who become ill or have limited technology access, but live attendance whenever possible is encouraged. Due to instructor and student privacy, we do not record live sections.

AWP students MUST WAIT until their AWP grade officially posts to their transcript before enrolling in WCWP 10A. ALL authorization requests for 10A will be DENIED. We do not accept self-reported grades for enrollment authorization. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there is no exception to this. 

Courses with 0 enrollment limit will either be opened or cancelled, depending on our available coverage, by 11/30. If you waitlist a course with a 0 enrollment limit within 15 spaces, and that course is opened, you will be moved into the section. However, there is NO GUARANTEE that a 0 seat section will be opened. They are all subject to cancellation until we secure adequate staffing for the quarter. 

The Winter TA schedule will be finalized and posted on our instructor page by the end of week 9. 


It is HIGHLY likely that all WCWP course will remain fully remote for Spring quarter.

We will be offering between 6-10 sections of 10A, 40-50 sections of 10B, and 5-6 sections of 100 - depending on available coverage.

Summer Session and Fall 2020

Summer Session

As has been widely circulated, all WCWP summer courses will be held REMOTELY. We will not be adding any more classes than what is currently listed on WebReg and we will not be increasing seat limits. The level of synchronicity and required attendance for summer remote courses will vary by instructor. Please contact the instructor for information on their attendance requirements.

A letter grade is required for all WCWP Summer courses. You will not get credit if you take the course P/NP.

At this time, WCWP 10A in Summer Session is only open to continuing students. Incoming students are not eligible to enroll in 10A for the summer. Students who are currently taking AWP and are interested in taking 10A over the summer must wait until they successfully complete their AWP course and their grade posts to their records before enrolling. 


We are getting new information from the university all the time and as such, our course plan for fall remains subject to change. It is currently our aim to offer both in-person and remote course offerings to accommodate students and instructors.

WCWP 10A: As of now, the majority of our WCWP 10A courses will be conducted in-person. If you enroll in an in-person section, please plan - barring illness - on physically attending that section. Our attendance policy will be flexible and accommodations will be made for students who become ill. However, in-person courses are designed for in-person instruction, and unless you become ill, attempting to complete an in-person course without attending is ill-advised and likely to result in a low or failing grade.

We will be offering at least a few sections of 10A remotely. We are, per university direction, unable to reserve seats in remote sections and so request that if you do not need a remote section, you do not enroll in one. Remote sections will be made available for enrollment in August prior to new student registration. 

Incoming freshmen: Please do not submit test scores to the department for authorization to enroll in WCWP 10A. We can not independently verify from self-reported scores or grades that you have satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR). We will NOT authorize students to enroll if their student record does not indicate they have cleared the ELWR. It is imperitive that you ensure the university receives your scores/grades in a timely manner to prevent delay in your enrollment eligibility. For more support on the ELWR, please contact the Analytical Writing Program.

WCWP 10B: As of now, the majority of our WCWP 10B courses will be conducted remotely. We would like to offer a few sections of 10B in person, but that is currently subject to instructor availability. We hope to know whether we can open additional 10B sections by July.

10A/10B Remote Instruction: We are still determining the most effective and equitable level of synchronicity that will be required for Fall quarter remote courses, and once we make a decision that information will be posted here. In the meantime, we recommend students enroll in a section at a time they are able to attend and not overlap enrollment in remote courses. We cannot guarantee any student a seat in a new section if they end up not being able to attend the one they originally registered for.

WCWP 100: As of now, ALL sections of WCWP 100 will be held remotely for fall quarter. WCWP 100 sections with an enrollment limit of 0 are currently being reserved for the Transfer Student Living and Learning Community pilot program. These students will have priority registration for the selected sections, and once they are served, any remaining seats will be reopened for registration.

The level of synchronicity and required attendance for WCWP 100 varies by instructor. Please contact the instructor for information on their attendance requirements. 

A letter grade is required for all WCWP Fall courses. You will not get credit if you take the course P/NP.

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of the Warren Writing sequence is to enable undergraduate students, through intensive practice, to read and write academic arguments in preparation for their work in various academic disciplines.  In our courses, students learn:

  •  to analyze academic arguments and make thoughtful decisions and connections based on that analysis;
  •  to practice all aspects of the writing process;
  •  to generate ideas for writing using a variety of processes;
  •  to make a claim that is informed by multiple sources;
  •  to incorporate premises and evidence to support a claim;
  •  to cite sources appropriately (according to academic conventions and university policies);
  •  to integrate sources effectively (using sources in support of one’s own position);
  •  to use various kinds of feedback to revise effectively;
  •  to develop the ability to reflect on one’s own thinking and writing and to use what is learned on future writing projects.

Learning Objectives and Assesments

In accordance with guidelines from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Warren College has established learning objectives and assessments for our undergraduate general education requirements.

Warren College Writing Program – Learning Objectives and Assessments [PDF]