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Executive Board 2023-2024 

Chair: Andrea Erkal


Howdy y’all, my name is Andrea Erkal and I’m Warren Residential Council’s Chair for this school year! I’m a second year Neurobiology major and am planning on minoring in Cognitive Science. I’m originally from Houston, Texas, but I also now call sunny San Diego my home :) My favorite thing about Warren is the community we share with lots of wildlife! I love meeting new people and can’t wait to see you at WRC’s events this year!

Vice-Chair: Rahul Mistry


Hello, everyone! I'm Rahul, and I'm excited to be your Vice-Chair at the WRC this year. I'm majoring in Math and Computer Science, and outside of my studies, you can catch me either on the soccer field or behind a drum set (by the way, I play five different instruments!). I can't wait to achieve some fantastic things for Warren College this year!

Marketing Chair: Leilani Rivera


Hi! My name is Leilani Rivera. I’m a freshman in college and the marketing chair for WRC. I’m from Orange County but recently moved to the I.E. area. I have had previous experience with event planning throughout my high school career, like planning movie and game nights on Zoom. I wanted to create a space for my fellow students to have fun even if we were on Zoom due to COVID-19. I always enjoy organizing events for the student body because I believe we should have time to have a good time with our peers outside of school hours. I hope to see you at our events throughout the year!

Finance Chair: Lavanika Sharma


Passion. That’s a word you’ll probably hear from me far too many times. Hello Warren Bears! My name is Lavanika Sharma, your new Finance Chair for the amazingly incredible Warren Residential Council! The truth is this exact feeling has dragged me by my hand and taken me on some of the wildest journeys of my personal and professional career. Amongst the immense pressures as a former Chairperson of the Campbell Union High School Education Foundation, event coordinator at Westmont High Schools ASB, 13+ year competitive dancer, and stressed high school student who had taken too many APs, my passionate drive has shown me the light at the end of a seemingly endless yet exciting tunnel. From blindly reaching out and getting a small Westmont club published in the Mercury News to getting sponsorships and praise from companies like Goldman Sachs and Fiveable, this fire fueled my journey into the unknown. With this passion I have been able to host district wide ideathons even through COVID and created a community service hub website for every student in the greater Bay Area who wants to find a meaningful way to get involved. I know that each student here on this campus has that spark, but it simply needs to be ignited. As the finance chair of the Warren Residential Council my goal is exactly this: to spread this infectious passion like a wildfire to give each and every one of you at least a small spark of this excitement. The feeling of community and home here in Warren and UC San Diego. I have always enjoyed engaging in friendly conversations and even friendly debates, so if anyone ever has any questions regarding my role and how I can help I will be more than to divulge. Thank you and I hope to see each and every one of you around town!

Programming Director: Jessica Pascual


Hi, my name is Jessica Pascual and I will be serving as WRC's Programming Director for the 2023-2024 school year! I am a second-year General Biology major at Marshall College. My hometown is San Marcos, California. A fun fact about myself is I was born in London! I am excited about what the year has in store for this community! :)