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Transfer & Commuter Student Life

Transfer and commuter students make up a large portion of the UC San Diego population. Both UCSD and Warren College offer a broad spectrum of services and programs to involve students in educational opportunities both in and outside the classroom. In addition, the Warren Dean of Student Affairs' staff is available to assist in a variety of ways to ensure a quality educational experience.

Active involvement is an important part of the college experience. Studies have shown that students who are involved in co-curricular activities actually do better in school than those who are not involved. The range of activities at Warren and UCSD are diverse and flexible enough to accommodate a busy schedule. Warren College and UCSD have a variety of opportunities for student involvement as a transfer student or commuter student.  Students are eligible to participate in any organization at UCSD and listed below are organizations designed specifically for transfer and commuter students.

Earl's Transfer and Commuter Commons

Ear's Transfer and Commuter Commons is a space located adjacent to the provost's office in the Warren Admin Building (EBU3B). This open space serves as a hub for Warren students to come relax, study, and be in community with one another. In addition to this, many student programs take place in this space. The commons includes a water fountain with a hydration station, a sink, wall cabinets for storage, two desktop computers, and multiple seating options as well.

Warren Transfer and Commuter Commission (WTCC)

WTCC is charged with addressing the unique needs of transfer and commuter students as well as planning events and activities for the Warren College commuter population. WTCC is comprised of 10 members who are both elected and appointed, 5 transfer students and 5 commuter students are selected during Spring and Fall quarter, and serve a one-year term. The WTCC is funded through the Warren College Activities Fee, managed by the Warren College Student Council (WCSC), and the group puts on a variety of events throughout the year. Events have included BBQ's, study breaks, socials, baseball games, and Disneyland trips. For more information, call (858) 534-4731.

Student Government

There are two levels of student government at UCSD. The Associated Students (ASUCSD) represents the campus as a whole and Warren College Student Council (WCSC) serves our college community. Elections are held in the spring and interested students are recruited throughout the year to serve on the many boards, commissions, committees, and task forces that exist.

All-Campus Commuter Board (ACCB)

As part of the Associated Students, ACCB works with the College commuter organizations to assist students living off campus create community within UCSD. ACCB plays two major roles in the UCSD community: programming and advocacy.

All-Campus Transfer Association (ACTA)

As part of the Associated Students, ACTA is a student-run commission aimed at helping transfer students adjust to UCSD, find new friends and have fun.