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Warren College Academic Advising

At Warren College Academic Advising we can assist you with:

  • Educational planning and goal setting
  • Understanding the University and general education requirements
  • Navigating academic policies and procedures

We work collaboratively with academic departments and other campus resources to support your success at the University of California, San Diego.

 Advising Services: 

Zoom Drop-In Advising

 Summer 2024 Zoom Drop-In Advising Hours 

Mondays, Wednesday & Friday

 1:30pm - 3:30pm


Our Zoom Drop-In remote sign-in is located in the Meet with Advisor tab in the VAC ( 

In these 15 minute sessions we can help you with:

  • Class scheduling and planning
  • General-education overview
  • Reviewing your degree audit 
  • Understanding College and University policies
  • Reviewing and processing academic forms, including Study Abroad documents, Financial Aid forms, and Academic Plans
  • Petitions for exceptions to general-education requirements

Refer to your major/minor department for major/minor specific questions.



In Person Drop-Ins

  Summer 24 In Person Drop-In Advising Hours 


All SU24 Drop-In Advising Hours will be via zoom. Please see Zoom Drop-In advising tab above.


Our In Person Drop-In remote sign-in, is located at the front lobby computer in CSE (EBU3B).  *Please note that Zoom Drop-Ins are not available during In Person Walk-In hours.

Schedule an Appointment

Our office will only be accepting limited Zoom and in-person appointment requests for Fall 2023 during Week 2 through 10 of the quarter. You can schedule a 30-minute appointment for questions or concerns that may require more in-depth advising or complexity, topics can include:

  • Long-term planning: academic opportunities, major exploration, etc. 
  • Academic difficulty, or other challenges that may require a referral
  • Withdrawal from the quarter and/or the university

Appointments are preferred but not required for the topics above. To schedule an appointment, please email, your name, PID, and what the appointment is for.

For urgent issues we recommend that you meet with an advisor during Zoom Drop-In or In Person Walk-In hours, if possible.

Contact us through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

You can submit questions online through the Virtual Advising Center to:

  • Warren Academic Advising
  • Your major/minor department
  • Or another academic department 

You will receive a response within 48 business hours.

You can request to be notified by text message once your question has been answered, otherwise you will be notified through your UC San Diego email account.

2023-2024 Academic Deadlines


Location & Office Hours

CSE (EBU3B) Room 1137

La Jolla, CA 92093 

Need help navigating our campus? Use our Campus Map.