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Warren Transfer Living Learning Community (LLC)

We are excited to offer a first-of-its-kind at UC San Diego exclusively for Warren Transfer Students: A dedicated Living Learning Community (LLC) where Warren Transfer students are able to live and learn together in the same community within their home College. Transfer students will get the opportunity to live with one another, take cohort classes, and build a community. Transfer LLC residents will occupy the 3rd through 6th floors of Brown Hall, a 100-bed residential building comprised entirely of apartment-style single rooms with communal lounge spaces. The community will be comprised of 51 Warren Transfer students plus one RA who ideally is also a transfer student.

What You Get Out of Participating in the LLC

Besides building a sense of community and connecting with other Warren Transfer students, a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to each student, paid on a prorated basis per quarter of participation in the LLC.

What Will Be Expected of You for Participating in the LLC

You will be in a cohort-based curricular model with the same groupings of residents traveling as fellow students through three skill-building courses:

  • Fall Quarter: Warren Writing 100, a 20-student rhetoric and composition course that is part of the general education requirements for all Warren transfer students [4 units]
  • Winter Quarter: Transfer Year Experience (TYE, a.k.a. WARR 2), a lecture course with small discussion sections designed to acquaint transfer students with campus resources and research opportunities [2 units]
  • Spring Quarter: a new Financial Literacy and Career Readiness course being developed in consultation with the Career Center [1-2 units pending Senate approval]

Returning students who have already taken any of the above courses will instead assume leadership/mentorship positions such as Discussion Leaders (DLs) for TYE and tutors for Warren Writing 100

Learning Outcomes of the Transfer LLC

By participating in the Transfer Living-Learning Community, you  will:

  • Deepen your sense of campus belonging, college connection, and community building
  • Maximize your co-curricular and social experience during your truncated time (~2 years) as a Triton
  • Live and learn in your home residential college, just as traditional first-year students do
  • Experience success in learning through a cohort-based model by completing three skill-building courses together (one of which is a general education [GE] requirement)
  • Establish a framework of dining together (e.g. Transfer Tuesday lunch at Canyon Vista Marketplace) to reap the data-driven benefits of residential dining
  • Reap many other retention-oriented benefits of communal living


If you’re interest in participating, you must meet the following requirements:

Current/Returning Warren Transfer students:

  1. Be a current Warren transfer student
  2. Be eligible to live on campus next year (check HERE for your eligibility with HDH)

New/Incoming Warren Transfer students:

  1. Be a new/incoming Warren transfer student
  2. Apply to live on campus HERE

Apply Here

To participate in the LLC, you need to apply HERE between the dates of Wednesday, February 19 – 5pm, Sunday, March 1st. Please note that you will have to go to the Room Selection Portal at link above, be eligible for it, complete the Room Selection Application including the $450 prepayment, and then you can decide to apply for the Warren Transfer LLC.

We’re excited to have you participate in the inaugural first class of the Warren Transfer Living Learning Community!!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Warren Residential Life,

The Warren Transfer LLC is supported by:

Warren Student Affairs

Warren Residential Life

Warren Transfer & Commuter Commission

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Transfer Student Success Office