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Warren Resident Assistant Staff

RA Selection

Resident Assistants are undergraduate students who have undergone a rigorous selection and training process. They live in the Warren Residential Complex and work with residents to develop a sense of community, facilitate open and sensitive communication among apartment/suite mates, and organize social, educational, recreational, campus resource as well as social justice activities. RAs are involved with many college and campus-wide activities and are great sources of information. They also are responsible for reminding residents to abide by the policies and regulations while residing in the residential complex.  Be sure to read through all the information on this website before applying.

Resident Assistant Application

If you have never been a RA before at UC San Diego, you will fill out the RA Application. The online application is the same for all seven areas. Each area you apply to will have supplemental questions in addition to the common questions. Make sure you fill out those supplemental questions for each area you apply. Failure to do will result in an incomplete application and will not be eligible to continue. 


Returning Resident Assistants (RA)

If you have been a RA somewhere at UC San Diego during an academic year, you will fill out the Returning RA Application.

If you were a summer school RA or a RA for a summer program only, you will fill out the RA Application (not the Returning RA Application).

Community Coordinators (CC)

Community Coordinators (CC) work closely with the Assistant Directors of Residence Life and Resident Assistants to assist in creating community throughout the Warren Residential Complex. Community Coordinators assist in the work direction of 8-10 Resident Assistants, mentor Resident Assistants in community programming, roommate mediation, and assist in disciplinary confrontations. Community Coordinators must have prior experience as an RA (Warren preferred).