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Want to Meet Some of Our Student Organizations?

In 2020, we know that student engagement exceeds the boundaries of campus and our student organizations and groups are excited to connect with you this virtual, global community. Warren College is dedicated to helping students connect with resources and organizations on campus. Through leadership programs, student organization involvement, student governance, and campus activities, you gain the tools and resources that empower you to become engaged in campus life.

Student life will definitely be different this year. But with all of the challenges come even more great possibilities, at least here at Warren!

Warren College Student Council (WCSC)

Warren College Student Council (WCSC) provides representatives to campus-wide and and college-wide committees while providing for the existence of Warren College student organizations. Anybody who is part of the Warren College Student Body can apply for and hold any office in WCSC. WCSC also has oversight of Warren College student fees and can allocate those funds in the best interests of the Warren student body. 

WCSC establishes an Events Board to coordinate programs that benefit the Warren College community.  Additionally we provide a structure for student organizations and involvement through commissions dedicated to transfer and commuter needs, University spirit, and the Warren Concerts and Festivals Commission, which is charged with coordinating the annual Warren College concert - Warren Live! Warren Live! is a growing tradition on the UCSD campus, past acts have included Matt Nathanson, The Hush Sound, and Parachute.


Contact WCSC President Josh Walker at to learn more.

Warren Transfer & Commuter Commission (WTCC)

WTCC is charged with addressing the unique needs of Warren transfer and commuter students. WTCC is comprised of 10 members - 5 transfer students and 5 commuter students, both elected and appointed Spring and Fall quarters - who serve a one-year term.

WTCC is funded through the Warren College Activities Fee, managed by the Warren College Student Council (WCSC), and the group hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Events have included study breaks, socials, workshops, and trips to Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo.

 Meetings are TBD

Events Board (E Board)

The Warren College Student Council Events Board is responsible for the planning, implementation, and execution of events and programs that benefit the Warren College community. Events Board has 12 members - both elected and appointed Spring and Fall quarters - who serve a one-year term.

Events Board is funded through the Warren College Activities Fee, managed by the Warren College Student Council (WCSC), and the group hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Events have included multicultural festivals, a semi-formal dance, Winter Warrenland, and more.

Meetings are weekly on Wednesday @ 9:00AM PST

Contact WCSC to learn more about joining.

Commission on Warren Spirit (COWS)

COWS is a commission of the Warren College Student Council charged with coordinating events that promote and showcase Warren College spirit and pride.  All Warren students are eligible to join COWS!

We are deeply rooted in the idea of community building and our mission is to create events that provide opportunities for students to get out, engage, and have fun. We are a spirited, passionate group of people that want to bring excitement and energy to Warren College! We host quarterly programs such as the Rally to Spirit Night, Warren's Got Talent, attendance at athletic games, tailgates, and more.

Meetings are Weekly on Friday 3:30-4:30PM PST 

Warren Honors Society

The Honors Society at Warren College promotes scholarship, leadership, and academic integrity by providing high-achieving students with academic and co-curricular enrichment programs. Warren College Honors students have the opportunity to participate in events designed to broaden intellectual interests and develop interpersonal skills. Events are open to all honors students and provide opportunities to experience San Diego, both on campus and off. Membership is automatic based on cumulative GPA; there is no application or dues.


Meetings are TBD

Warren GROW

The Warren Community Garden was founded in 2018 and aims to build a living and learning community for everyone to learn about sustainability. Our mission is to help students get hands-on opportunities to learn how to grow organic vegetables, composting methods, and gain leadership opportunities.

Meetings are Weekly Thursday, from 5-6PM PDT

Warren Residential Council (WRC)

The organization is comprised of undergraduate students who have volunteered their time to organize social, educational, recreational, and cultural activities for the Warren Residential Life community. Members gain valuable leadership, programming, and teamwork skills and many forge lasting friendships with one another. Any undergraduate student may become a member of the council.


Meetings are TBD

Warren Initiative for Student Health (WISH)

Warren Initiative for Student Health (WISH), formed in 2018, serves to promote healthy lifestyles, educate students about various health-related issues, and foster community building within Warren College in order to promote student well-being. Though the club focuses on all aspects of student wellness, our primary focus is on mental health.

Mondays @ 2:30PM PST 

Warren Service Organization (WSO)

The Warren Service Organization (WSO) oversees and develops various projects with the focus of serving the community. Our goals are to support on-campus initiatives, give back to the community, and increase Warren student involvement!


Meetings are TBD