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All-SA-Staff-Photo_Low-Rez.jpgYour Student Affairs Team

Student Affairs comprises the staff from the Dean of Student Affairs Office, Residential Life, Counseling and Psychological Services. The Student Affairs staff provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and apply knowledge outside of the classroom and serve as a community resource for all students. We provide activities and services that enhance your student experience and exemplify our motto: Toward a Life in Balance.

Dean of Student Affairs Office

  • Dean of Student Affairs

    Dean of Student Affairs

    James C. Smith, Ed.D. (he/him)

    Dr. Smith is the Dean of Student Affairs here at Warren College. In this role, he works with the staff to ensure that students are connected to the proper resources and understands their role in working toward a life in balance.  James appreciated his own higher education journey as a first-generation college student and enjoys getting to know the students he works with. Prior to coming to UC San Diego, Dr. Smith worked at UC Riverside for a number of years in Housing and Residential Life. He has also held positions at UC Santa Cruz and University of the Pacific. His doctorate degree is in education from UCLA and he holds a M.A in Student Affairs Administration and a B.S in Telecommunications & Film.   James enjoys movies, concerts and travel and has appreciated learning and growing from his experiences visiting different parts of the world including Mexico, the UK, Antigua and Indonesia.  


  • Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs

    Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs

    Michelle Mkhlian
  • Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

    Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

    Katy Brecht
  • Interim Sr. New Student Programs Specialist

    Interim Sr. New Student Programs Specialist

    Epi Therianos
  • Student Care and Accountability Specialist

    Student Care and Accountability Specialist

    Saniesa Thomas
  • Coordinator of Student Activities

    Coordinator of Student Activities

    Emma Charles (she/her)

    Emma Charles is the Coordinator of Student Activities for Warren College. She is responsible for planning co-curricular activities and serves as an advisor for many of the student organizations. Through these events and activities, she hopes to facilitate positive relationship building and community. She recently graduated with a Master’s in Postsecondary Education with an emphasis in Student Affairs. Emma supported SDSU in various areas such as Career Services, Faculty Advancement & Student Success, and Fraternity & Sorority Life. She is a proud first-generation college student and previous student ambassador. Emma loves reading, running, and spending time at the beach!

  • Program Assistant

    Program Assistant

    David Nuñez, B.S. (he/him)

    David Nunez is the current Program Assistant for Warren College. They assist with the planning and implementation of new and ongoing student programs at Warren College that aim to improve the student expereince at Warren College. They are a first-generation graduate from UC San Diego. During their undergraduate studies at UC San Diego, they worked for the Raza Resource Centro, Student Success Programs, and John Muir College's Residential Life respectively. David enjoys spending time outdoors in nature, traveling, going to concerts, staying active, and focusing on holistic wellness

  • Student Affairs Case Manager (Warren & Muir)

    Student Affairs Case Manager (Warren & Muir)

    Martina Galvan

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Residential Life Office