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WCWP 10A: The Writing Course A 

WCWP 10A is the first half of the Warren Writing sequence. It is a seminar-style course in reading and writing, required of all Warren College freshmen students. Framed in perspectives of social justice, students in this course develop strong argumentation skills, practice critical writing based on sources, and develop their voice through the writing process. 


It must be taken for a letter grade to fulfill the General Education requirement.

2023-2024 Course Theme

"Lives in the Balance"

Required Texts

There are no textbooks to purchase for this class. You can find course reading materials in the Perusall section of your Canvas.

Spring 2024 Class Schedule


WCWP 10A Spring 2024 Schedule
Section Day Time Room Instructor Topic
001 MW 1100-1220 WSAC 138 Emma Uriate
Lives in the Balance
002 MW 200-320 WSAC 138 Emma Uriate
Lives in the Balance
003 MW 330-450 WSAC 138 Emma Uriate
Lives in the Balance
008 TTh 930-1050 SSB 106 Natalie Susi
Lives in the Balance


Registration Information and Prerequisites

It is highly recommended you take 10A as soon as you are able to.

Our classes tend to get impacted. Because WCWP 10A, WCWP 10B, PHIL/POLY 27, and PHIL/POLY 28 need to be completed in sequence, the sooner you take 10A, the less likely you are to incur delays in your General Education Requirements progression. 

Enrollment in WCWP 10A is only open to Warren College students who have successfully satisfied the university Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR)*, also known as Subject A. Students may clear the ELWR in a variety of ways, including through previous test scores, classes, or a placement exam. Students that do not clear the ELWR requirement must take classes with the Analytical Writing Program before they can be eligible to enroll in Warren Writing. 

*Students may not enroll in WCWP 10A until their record reflects they have satisfied this requirement. We do not authorize students to enroll in this course prior to fulfilling this requirement. We do not accept self-reported grades or test scores for authorization.