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Spring 2020 Move Out

Check Out Information for Warren College Residents

The 2019 - 2020 Undergraduate Housing Contract indicates your check-out time is 24 hours after your last final, but no later than 6:00 PM on Saturday, June 13, 2020.  Please plan accordingly.  

Warren Res Life Move-Out Information

Start PackingConsider bringing home items over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.  Start donating unwanted clothing and other gently used items to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) bin found next to the Student Activity Center (SAC).  Pack items you won’t be using between now and when you check out.  Please note that moving bins will not be available for check out during this time due to health and safety concerns.  

Clean – You are responsible for leaving your living space clean.  If you have roommates/suitemates we recommend you discuss cleaning responsibilities.  There is an optional Shared Responsibility Form to help you decide who will be responsible for cleaning certain areas.  Also discuss who will be responsible for any damages that may be in your space.  If damages and cleaning charges are found, the charge(s) will be split among all residents if no one takes responsibility. All roommates/suitemates must sign the form for responsibility to be assigned to a person(s).  Please contact the Warren Residential Life Office for more details.  If you need a Shared Responsibility Form or the damage charge list, it can be found here: Warren Res Life Move Out Info.

Pack, Recycle and DonateBring your trash and recyclables to the dumpsters along the cul-de-sacs on Justice and Equality lanes.  Please PLACE INSIDE the receptacles.   

  • Please donate your gently used items you no longer want (clothing, housewares, appliances, bicycles, etc.)  in the DAV bin in front of the Student Activity Center (SAC) beginning June 1st.  Donations will benefit Disabled American Veterans (DAV).   
  • E-Waste should never go in the trash. Please place your E-Waste in the DAV bin in front of SAC beginning June 1st.  They will dispose/recycle it properly.  E-Waste includes batteries, and broken appliances or computers… anything that has a plug/batteries that no longer works;
  • Non perishable food donations will be collected in bins in laundry rooms in the following halls: Black, Brennan, Douglas and Goldberg.  Donations will  benefit the Triton Food Pantry.  
  • Please return any Canyon Vista dishes and silverware to the Canyon Vista Marketplace.  Please do not throw them away;
  • Lastly, please double check that you have all of your belongings.  There is a $30.00 charge per item needing removal (including trash, food, and items left in refrigerators, cabinets, in storage closets, on balconies, etc.).

Complete the Express Check-Out link as you leaveThis is a web-based link you can use on your phone to let us know when you vacate your unit.  This link will be available beginning Thursday, May 31.   When your belongings are moved out and you are ready to return your key, go to the Undergrad Housing Portal, log in, and click on the “Express Check Out link.”  It should take less than a minute to complete your check out time. Please only check out when you are completely out of your space. 

Return your keys to the Warren Residential Life Office (as you leave). The office is located above the Canyon Vista Marketplace in the Canyon Vista Admin Building.  Please complete a key return envelope on the table outside of the office and drop off your bedroom key at the 24-hour drop off slot (just to the left of the main doors of the Residential Life Office). Instructions will be posted at this location. Please turn in your key once you are completely out of your space (not before).  If you have lost your key, please write “lost” on your key return envelope.

Complete your Express Check-Out.  When you have completed your move, go to the  Undergrad Housing Portal.  Login and click on the “Express Check Out link” to complete the date and time you are leaving.  If you have lost your keys, please indicate it here as well.  This will let the HDH know you have officially checked out of your contracted space.  


Bicycles - Please remember to take your bicycle with you.  Bicycles left behind will be considered abandoned, and may be impounded by UCPD. 

Loading Zones - Please adhere to posted signage about loading zones for move out. Transportation Services will be citing vehicles that violate posted restrictions.

Cleaning and Damage Charge List - For a complete list of Move-Out information, forms and Damage Charge List, please visit the Move-Out section of the Warren Residential Life websiteWarren Res Life Move Out Info.   

Memorial Day Holiday is Monday, May 25th.  The Warren Residential Life Office and Custodial Services will be closed.  Custodial services for residents will be delayed by one day between May 25-27 due to the holiday.

Moving Bins – Moving bins will not be available for check out during this time due to health and safety concerns. Please ask any family or friends who may be helping you to bring a hand truck to help transport your belongings.

Requests for Move Out Extensions - If you have extenuating circumstances as to why you cannot move out by the deadline, please email the Warren Residential Life Office at  Include your name, PID, your reasons for requesting an extension and the date and time you are requesting to move out.  Your request will be reviewed and we will get back to you.  Valid reasons for requesting an extension include moving to summer session housing at Revelle.  If your request is not approved, we will send  suggestions for options.  The deadline to submit a move out extension request is 11:59pm, Thursday, June 4.

Uber/Lyft/Taxis/Cloud 9/Super Shuttle/Other Rideshare Companies:  This year, rideshare services WILL be allowed to come into the Warren Residential Life cul-de-sacs, as there will not be any conflicts with graduation ceremonies. 

Should you have further questions,  email the Warren Residential Life Office at