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The end of the quarter is approaching soon.  We would like for you to start thinking about preparing so that your move is a smooth one.   Move out information and forms are available on the Warren Residential Life website Warren Res Life Move-Out Info   

 FINALS WEEK REMINDERS, June 9 -14, 2024

  • 24 Hour Quiet Hours go into effect at MIDNIGHT on Friday, June 7, 2024 and remain in effect until the halls close at 6:00pm.  Saturday, June 15. Regardless of when your own finals end, please be responsible & considerate by respecting the right of everyone to quiet study & sleep time.
  • Your Housing Contract ends at 6:00 pm, Saturday, 6/15/2024.  Students are expected to be moved out by this time.



Visit the 2023-24 End of Year Move Out Information page on the HDH website for specific move-out guidelines.

  • Consider bringing home items over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend (May 24-27).
  •  We strongly urge all residents to move out earlier in the week prior to June 15, especially if you are able to take exams remotely, or if you will be using multiple vehicles to avoid impacted traffic and parking due to Commencement. 


  • Beginning June 5, ALL student parking spaces in Justice Lane will be turned into temporary 30-minute temporary loading zones (excluding 24/7 reserved and disabled parking).  Additional temporary 30-minute temporary loading zones will be added along Justice Lane.   Please park your vehicle in adjacent parking structures (or other nearby parking locations) during the time the SR spots have turned into temporary 30-minute loading zones.


  • Note: Vehicles parked in loading areas for longer than 30 minutes may be cited.


  • If you need to park for an extended time, please use other parking locations (such as Hopkins, the Baseball Field, etc.)  You will need to pay for a parking permit at a pay station parking


  • Parking on Saturday, June 15 will be very impacted with traffic for graduation ceremonies.  If your family/ move-out helpers are driving in, please let them know there may be delays or temporary road closures at Voight & Pepper Canyon Drive due to graduation traffic.   Please send this link to your family/helpers to print a   Please note this is NOT a parking permit, it only gives access to proceed to Warren and the 30-minute loading zones on Justice Lane.  Please do not leave vehicles unattended.
  • Exceptions to move-out deadlines - An online application form for requests to move out later than 6:00pm, Saturday, June 15th is available in the Housing Portal on the Undergraduate Housing website Housing website   The deadline to submit a Late Stay Request is Monday, June 3rd.  Our office will review and a limited number of late stay approvals will be made if they meet certain criteria. You may be asked to provide documentation following your request for an extension.   If you fail to follow the applicable steps, you can be assessed a fee for Improper Checkout, or charged with policy violations.  If you are NOT approved (i.e, flights leaving after your move out deadline, or a family member can’t pick you up before 6pm, June 15, etc.), you should plan on making arrangements for a hotel stay, or other arrangements off campus.

Move-Out Instructions

  1. Start Packing – Consider bringing home items over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend (May 24-27).  Pack items you won’t be using between now and when you check out.  Don’t wait until the last minute to pack! Dining Services will be offering free boxes while supplies last at the Canyon Vista Amphitheater, next to Earl’s Place coffee walk-up window.
  2. CleanYou are responsible for leaving your living space clean.  If you have apartment mates/suitemates we recommend you discuss cleaning responsibilities.  There is an optional Shared Responsibility Form to help you decide who will be responsible for cleaning certain areas.  Also discuss who will be responsible for any damages that may be in your space.  If damages and cleaning charges are found, the charge(s) will be split among all residents if no one takes responsibility. All apartment mates/suitemates must sign the form for responsibility to be assigned to a person(s).  If you need a Shared Responsibility Form or the damage charge list, it can be found here: Warren Res Life Move Out Info
  3. Pack, Recycle and Donate Bring your trash and recyclables to the dumpsters along the cul-de-sacs on Justice and Equality lanes.  Please place inside the dumpster.   
  • Donate your gently used items you no longer want (clothing, housewares, appliances, bicycles, etc.) to the DAV bins found throughout the complex.  Donations will benefit Disabled American Veterans (DAV).   
  • Non-Perishable Food Donations: Don’t want to lug all your groceries home?  Don’t throw them away!  Please donate your unopened non-perishable food packages and cans at the Yellow collection containers will be located at Earl’s Place in the Canyon Vista Marketplace.  Donations will benefit the Triton Food Pantry. Donations will be accepted June 2-17.
  • Return all green OXXO recyclable food containers, red plastic baskets and dishware to the Canyon Vista Marketplace.  Please do not throw them away.
  • The E-Waste Collection Container will be located next to the trash and recycling bins located between Harlan and Stewart Halls.  E-waste includes used batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, broken appliances, broken TVs, calculators… pretty much anything that has a plug or internal battery should not be disposed of in the trash. Please place your e-waste in this collection box.  E-waste containers will be available starting June 6.
  1. Double check that you have removed all of your belongings. Check all drawers and cabinets.  There is a $30.00 minimum charge for items needing removal (including trash, food, and any items left in refrigerators, cabinets, in storage closets, on balconies, etc.).                               
  1.   Check your mailbox before you leave - Mail will be forwarded for up to 60 days to the permanent address you have listed on Triton Link.  Forwarding will only be done for U.S. addresses.  Please come to the Warren Residential Life Office if you need your mailbox combination (bring your ID).
  2.     Complete the Express Check-Out online form as you leaveThis is a web-based link you can use on your phone to let us know when you vacate your unit.  This link will be available beginning Thursday, June 1.   When your belongings are moved out and you are ready to return your key, go to the Housing Portal on the Undergrad Housing website, log in, and click on the “Express Check Out link.”  It should take less than a minute to complete your check out time. Please only check out when you are completely out of your space. 
  3.     Return your bedroom key to the Warren Residential Life Office (as you leave). The office is located above the Canyon Vista Marketplace in the Canyon Vista Admin Building.  Complete a key return envelope on the table outside of the office and drop off your bedroom key at the 24-hour drop off slot (just to the left of the main doors of the Residential Life Office). Instructions will be posted at this location. Please turn in your key once you are completely out of your space (not before).   If you have lost your key, please write “lost” on your key return envelope.  If you have lost or misplaced your bedroom key, you will be billed $10.00 on your student account.

Tips for a successful Move-out:

BICYCLES - Please remember to take your bicycle with you.  Bicycles left behind will be considered abandoned, and may be impounded by UCPD. 

CLEANING AND DAMAGE RESPONSIBILITY - As stated in your Housing Contract, you are financially responsible for cleaning and any damage to your bedroom, common areas and furnishings.  If you are assessed damages (something is broken, excessive trash, excessive cleaning, etc.), you will receive an email near the end of June. All damage charges will be in your July billing statement and viewable on TritonLink in early July.

  • As a reminder that our custodial staff does NOT vacuum during finals week as is the case every week of finals.
  • All residence halls and apartments will be closed and locked after 6:00 pm on Saturday, June 17, 2023.  At that time, your room and suite or apartment must be cleaned, vacated, and your keys turned in.  If you are not completely moved out by your move out deadline, there may be late charges assessed after this deadline.  
  • For a complete list of Move-Out information, forms and Damage Charge List, please visit the Move-Out section of the Warren Residential Life website: Warren Res Life Move Out Info.

CSO Safety Escorts During Finals Week:  Safety Escorts are a free service provided from sunset to sunrise, across campus to support community safety. To request a Safety Escort call (858) 534-9255, or extension 4-WALK from a campus phone.

DINING PLAN – Last day of operation for the HDH dining halls/markets is Saturday, June 15 (Check the Dining Services website for specific locations/times). REMINDER: Dining Dollars from this academic year will expire at the end of Fall Quarter, 2023 of the next academic year!  Your Dining Dollars are non-refundable and are not transferable to Triton Cash. NOTE: Any balance in a current Triton Cash account carries over from year to year. 


MOVING HELPERS – You are allowed to have others help you.  Masks are optional, but we encourage anyone who is not well to stay at home.  TIP:  Have your helpers bring a hand truck, dolly or cart to assist moving your belongings.


LOADING ZONES - Please adhere to posted signage about loading zones for move out.  There is NO 30-minute loading along the curb on Equality Lane. There will be additional loading zones added along Justice Lane.  All student parking on Justice Lane will be turned into 30-minute limit loading zones.  There will be additional 30-minute zones along Justice Lane.  Transportation Services will be citing vehicles that violate posted restrictions. 

Do not leave vehicles unattended on Equality Lane or  block delivery truck entrances near Canyon Vista Marketplace, or your vehicle may be towed.  Note:  Equality Lane will be closed Saturday, June 15 through Sunday, June 16.

MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY, Monday, May 27, 2024.  The Warren Residential Life Office and Custodial Services will be closed.  Custodial services may change your service day between May 28-June 1 due to the shortened work week.  Be on the lookout for a flier from Custodial Services.


MICROFRIDGE RETURN:   If you rented a MicroFridge from Collegiate Concepts.  They will be at Warren lawn (in front of CV Marketplace) from 9-10 am on Saturday, June 8 to pick up your cleaned and fully defrosted MicroFridge.  If you have questions, you can contact them at 515-597-2303 or by  email at

MOVING BINS – A limited number of moving bins will be available for check out at the Warren Residential Life Office or Conference Room (across from the Warren Residential Life Office).  We encourage your helpers to bring a hand truck, dolly or card to help transport your belongings, as there may be a line waiting for a moving bin.  

Moving bins will be available for a 45 minute check out during the following dates and times:

  • Now - 6/12                      M-F 8am -4pm*             Warren Residential Life Office
  • 6/12 - 6/14                      Th-F 8am - 10pm*          Warren Residential Life Office
  • 6/15                               Sat 8am - 5pm*              Warren Residential Life Conference Room 

* Indicates the latest check out time for the day.  The moving bin will be due back within 45 minutes.

STORAGE PODS: Storage Pods are NOT allowed in the complex, Justice or Equality Lanes. 


Should you have further questions, email the Warren Residential Life Office at , or call us at 858-534-4581 during business hours.