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Triton Research & Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS)

The Triton Research & Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS​) program is sponsored by the Council of Provosts of the Undergraduate Colleges at UC San Diego and the Undergraduate Research Hub. TRELS empowers students to pursue intellectual opportunities beyond the classroom, by providing support in the form of funding and mentorship. This program is intended to expose students to experiential learning, including, but not limited to research, guided artistic or creative projects, and public service opportunities, under the guidance of a UC San Diego faculty member. There is a particular emphasis on serving students who may face obstacles in pursuing such opportunities.

The Triton Research & Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS) Program is always looking for best ways to encourage students to gain research and experiential learning skills. We are hoping these changes will be made as soon as possible. With the new planning in progress, application for the Fall TRELS Program will be on hold until further notice, and once updates are provided to the Undergraduate Research Hub (URH). There are a variety of research programs offered at URH during the Fall Quarter which we highly encourage you all to pursue. You may also explore other research opportunities through UC San Diego REAL Portal. Feel free to reach out to your TRELS Program Coordinator if you have any questions.

Applications for Winter TRELS 2024 are (tentatively) expected to open during the third week of Fall Quarter, and close around the sixth week of Fall Quarter.

Recipients of the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Farshid Bazmandegan
Major: Visual Arts

Rachel Bilchak
Major: Anthropology & Public Health
"Ceramic Comparisons of the Tiwanaku Empire in Ancient Peru"

Albert Chan
Major: Chemical Engineering
"Synthesis of Composite Polymer Electrolyte PVDF-HFP/LiPF6"

Elizabeth Izhikevich
Major: Computer Science, B.S.
"Quantifying the Variability of Human Brain Oscillations"

Allison Kubo
Major: Earth Science
"The Relationship Between Continental Flood Basalts and Mass Extinction Events"

Andy Ma
Major: Mechanical Engineering
"Degradation of Porous Silicon Infused in Polymer-based Nanofibers"

Yajur Maker
Major: Bioengineering
"Development of Biodegradable Implants for Orthopedic Applications"

Thomas Spencer
Major: Aerospace Engineering
"Modeling Thunniform Propulsion through Biomimetic Additive Manufacturing Techniques"

Kanyanat (Natalie) Tongprasearth
Major: Cognitive Science
"The Subiculum: Neurological Computation of Spatial Relations in Navigation"

Treysi Vargas Ramos
Major: Human Biology
"Metformin: Medicated Remodeling of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

Emanuel Vasquez
Major: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
"Tetrode Making Machine"

Recipients of the 2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Amanda Beck
Major: Bioengineering
"Ergonomics in Surgery: Applying Physiological Monitoring and Image Processing to Avoid Injuries"

Elizabeth Izhikevich
Major: Computer Science B.S.
"Using Data Science for Organelle Reconstruction"

Aswini Krishnan
Major: Bioengineering
"The Role of Electronic Cigarettes in the Pathogenesis of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

Walter Thavarajah
Major: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
"Identification of In Vitro Rate Limiting Steps Via Metabolic Pathway Control"

Recipients of the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Tik-Chee Cheng
Major: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
“Measurement and Analysis of Sarcomere Length and Lattice Spacing in Cardiomyocytes after Applied Biaxial Strain”

Nhat-Dang Do
Major: History
“Confederate States of Palestine: An Alternative Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

Manikantan Ramesh
Major: Nanoengineering
“Coating Drug-Loaded Nanoparticles with Cancer Cell Membrane to Selectively Target Tumors”

Kunal Sampat
Major: Human Biology
“Neuroprotection in Huntington's Disease Through Transcriptional Modification”

Cristian Virrueta
Major: Earth Science
“Methane Systematics of a Strike-Slip Boundary”

Trevor Zandi
Major: Computer Science (Bioinformatics)
“Computational Design of the Third Variable Loop of HIV-1 gp120/scaffold chimera”

Hao Zheng
Major: General Chemistry
“NF2 Regulates MicroRNAs Responsible for Tumor Initiating Ability in Vestibular Schwannoma”