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Warren Writing Program Instructors and Faculty


Almost all Warren Writing 10A and 10B courses are taught by experienced and specially trained current UCSD graduate students. Some courses may be taught by former graduate students. Our Program Director also teaches one course per quarter.

Warren Writing 100 courses are taught by lecturers and the program Assistant Director.

Prospective IAs

The Warren College Writing Program welcomes graduate student applications from all departments of the university, including the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Our appointments are for year-long (and usually renewable) teaching positions. Successful applicants often possess some experience with teaching or tutoring writing, as well as interest in writing pedagogy. The purpose of the Warren Writing sequence is to enable undergraduate students, through intensive practice, to read critically and write analytically in a variety of genres in preparation for their work in various academic disciplines.

All first-year students in Warren College must complete the two-course WCWP 10A and 10B writing requirement. Warren Writing IAs work under the guidance of the program director but are the sole instructors in the classroom. All new IAs teach the first course in the sequence from a common syllabus, which allows for productive discussions of pedagogical issues in our weekly staff meetings. IAs who are in their third year with our program have the opportunity to design and teach their own 10B topical course. Course topics can vary, but always center around the idea of Justice.

IAs in our program with a standard 50% appointment teach six sections per year (not more than 15 students per section). All new instructors are required to attend the WCWP 500 teaching practicum on Monday mornings. Just before the start of the academic year, instructors meet for a two-day orientation to prepare them to teach the first of the two writing courses offered by the program. During orientation, we discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, responding to work-in-progress, teaching successful revision strategies, and grading.

Responsibilities include implementing the course syllabus, teaching assigned sections, commenting on drafts of student papers, assigning grades, holding office hours, attending staff meetings, and using UCSD’s learning management system Canvas. Responsibilities average out to 20 hours per week for 50% appointments, so instructors are expected to balance their workload accordingly. Instructors enjoy a collegial atmosphere and a fair amount of autonomy. We work to establish a supportive teaching environment where pedagogical ideas and materials are shared and where IAs feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.

Our courses run Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday, 80 minutes per section. Instructors are asked to keep reasonable availability open in their own classes to accomodate the program's schedule.

For more information and to apply, please visit the IA Recruitment in the Writing Programs site.

Prospective Lecturers

Lecturers in our program teach the upper-division transfer writing course WCWP 100. This course is required for all Warren College transfer students. Lecturers have autonomy over their syllabus, but must adhere to the program learning objectives. Each section of WCWP 100 is capped at 20 students and comprises a 37.5% appointment. A full time year-long position typically teaches a 3-3-2 load, with additional summer courses available. Please view our WCWP 100 page for examples on how these courses are currently envisioned. 

For more information and to submit an application to our pool, please visit the UCSD Academic Recruitment portal.